Reconditioning - Refurbishing - Customization

VOTRAC is specialised in ex-military trucks and equipment.


Why ex-military ?

  • A 15 year old machine or truck in civilian life will have more then 10.000 working hours, or more then 1.000.000 kms on it, and the condition will be poor. An ex-army truck or machine at the same age will have only between 50 and 2000 working hours, or between 5.000 and 80.000 kms, and will be in excellent condition !
  • Our trucks/machines will not need computers to diagnose breakdown issues, they only need good maintenance (which they had at the military).
  • Before governments decide to buy trucks/machines for military use, they make a very good selection. These trucks/machines are ready to be used in though conditions, on difficult roads, etc.

What do we do ?

  • Our workshop is very up to date, and our well-trained and highly experienced mechanics are meeting the highest standards of craftmanship.
  • Daily operations in our workshop are :
    • Physical inspections on our trucks/machines
    • Maintenance activities
    • Reconversion of our trucks into dumptrucks, tanker trucks, service trucks, reefer trucks, passenger transporters, special trucks, etc.
    • Installing hydraulic cranes, winches, pumps, etc.
    • Bodyworks, painting works

How do we do it ?

  • Every truck/machine which is entering our workshop will be thoroughly inspected, to see which work has to be done.
  • Bodywork will be done, hydraulic cranes, containers will be installed, tipper systems will be installed.
  • The engine will be 100 % checked and serviced, new (tropicalised) oil will be used, filters will be checked and changed (if necessary), drive belts will be checked and replaced (if necessary).
  • Cooling system, brake system, transmission, hydraulics, electrical system and much more will be checked and repaired if necessary.
  • Batteries will be replaced, tyres must have at least 70 % tread profile or will be replaced.
  • Body of truck/machine will be sanded and repainted in every RAL colour as desired by the customer.
  • All small parts will be mounted again on the truck/machine, decals will be added on the vehicle, so it will look as new again.
  • Every vehicle will pass an ultimate check, before it leaves the workshop to be transported to the parking lot.